Repair Hints

This page is devoted to give a variety of hints on the workings and methods of repairing motorcycles. It will always be under construction and additions will be made. If you have a topic you wish to have covered, place it in the following text area:

  • Where to start? Why most old cycles do not start.
  • Disk Brakes Steps to rebuild those early disk brakes.(new Flash Movie)
  • Carburetors Steps to rebuild those early carbs.
  • Drive Chains How to check and maintain your chain.
  • The Spark Plug Describes the code used on the NGK stock plugs.
  • Forks How your front forks work and replacing fork seals.
  • Winterizing your bike Steps to have a happy spring.
  • Timing How to set the timing on your bike.(new Flash Movie)
  • Rust How to remove rust from your tank and other areas.
  • Charging System Where to look when the battery won't charge.

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